Apple, Google, Amazon, Harley Davidson, your brother's rock band…what do all these have in common?  They all got their starts in garages.  And RTS, like them, began in a garage (what better place to start a transportation company than where the vehicles are?) 

No one said it would be easy.  It was 2006.  We had to deal with a Great Recession and a competitive logistics market.  But we thought we had the drive to make it work.

So we set out to be different.  Better.

We already knew we had great service.  But we also knew we had to treat our carriers better. So we did, and it paid off. While other companies were going bankrupt, we grew. The economy was down, we only had 3 employees, and we were the latest start-up. Still, we flourished.

The RTS philosophy was one customers and carriers could get behind.  Over and over, we were chosen not just because we understood logistics, but because we understood people. We built and fostered what have become long-term relationships.

We’ve come a long way since that garage.  Over 60,000 square feet, in fact.  And that’s just our multiple offices and extensive warehouse space. The RTS family also has its own fleet of refrigerated tractor-trailers, equipment leasing, and its own proprietary supply chain management software.  Can your brother’s rock band say that?