CINCINNATI, OH, January 23, 2020 –New year, new trucks? RTS Lines, sister company of the Georgetown-based logistics company Reliable Transportation Solutions (RTS), boasts a fleet of ten new tractors that will get their first full year of use in 2020. RTS Lines acquired these new tractors to better serve drivers’ and customers’ needs. In addition to that glossy sheen and new car smell everyone loves, the tractors also include new features that prioritize driver safety and help lessen the company’s impact on the environment.

Among the new features are several tools that will improve the driving experience. CEO Lucas Brown stated, “When we sat down to spec out the new tractors, our top priority was driver safety and comfort.” RTS Lines has always focused on guaranteeing superior conditions for their drivers, which was ultimately reflected in the tractors, too. They are equipped with the latest Eaton automatic transmissions, Bendix Wingman Advanced (complete with automatic cruise control and collision mitigation technology), and Carrier ComfortPro APUs. The collision mitigation technology is just one example of how the drivers, and those on the road with them, will be better protected. Plus, with the ComfortPro APU, drivers can enjoy the usual air conditioning and heating, with added features like truck battery charging.

The new features benefit the customers as much as the drivers. The Carrier ComfortPro APU reduces idle time, which leads to less wear and tear on the vehicles. The result is less time spent on service and maintenance, and thus more time that the tractors can be used to serve customer needs.

Finally, both RTS Lines and RTS are conscious of their effect on the environment. In 2018, for example, they became SmartWay Certified. With these tractors, RTS Lines has further demonstrated its commitment to being eco-friendly—because the new tractors offer increased fuel efficiency.

RTS Lines is an asset-based trucking division of Reliable Transportation Solutions, a 3rd-party logistics company. In 2019, RTS managed over 30,000 shipments for customers around the world. For more information, visit

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