At RTS, we hold the carriers we work with to a high standard, which means we place great importance on our thorough setup process. But we think in return that the carriers we work with deserve attentive and respectful treatment. For you, this means that we have a devoted and experienced Carrier Setup Department to help you through every step of the process. Please refer to our FAQ below or give us a call to learn more.


RTS offers four different payment options to help provide our carriers with the best choice for their business:

  1. 2-day QuickPay (only for eligible carriers)
  2. 28-day ACH
  3. 30-day paper check
  4. Payment through your factoring company

To read more about the advantages and disadvantages of each of our payment options, click here.


As our industry is shifting more and more toward embracing and implementing tracking on all shipments, RTS, too, has embraced this shift, and we seek to work with carriers who support this transparency.


FourKites is a tracking service required on some of our loads; in accepting these loads, you recognize that failure to track could result in removal from the load. Should you be placed on a load that requires FourKites, the Account Executive or their team will assist with downloading the FourKites tracking app, called CarrierLink, and enabling tracking. For more information, please click here.


At RTS, we don’t initiate the Carrier Setup process until you express interest in a specific load. Please get in touch with us about one of our current loads and we’ll look into setting you up in our system.

581087 (also the number of times in one year that you’ll declare your life has improved since becoming a carrier with us).

Depending on the load, you may be required to enable tracking via FourKites. A link to access real-time tracking of the carrier’s truck may also be accepted.

RTS is 24/7, so please just call at 937-378-2700 if you need to contact us outside of normal business hours. Please note that you won’t be able to dial an extension–you’ll just get routed to the first on-call RTS Night Ops team member.

We prefer that you email us PDFs to the address listed on your RTS Rate Confirmation, which also lists several other remittance options if email is not feasible.

RTS does not have a cutoff for when we consider an invoice received on a given day. As long as the invoice is received by 11:59 p.m. that day, it will be considered as invoiced on that same date (provided all necessary documents are submitted with the original invoice).

Weekend days do not count toward days to pay for QuickPay. RTS’s pay terms for QuickPay are based off business days, not calendar days. Therefore, any invoice received beginning at 12:00 a.m. on Saturday will be considered as received that following Monday.

If your scheduled payment date is the day after a holiday, the payment will likely not be received until TWO days after the holiday. However, because RTS cares about carriers (no Scrooges here), we try to process those ACH payments the day before the holiday (one day ahead of schedule) so you can receive your payment faster.

Send an email that includes your company name and the RTS PO number to our Accounts Payable team, who will strive to respond within 24 hours of the email being sent.

Speak to your point-of-contact for a specific load if you’d like to be issued a fuel or unloading advance.


“RTS is one of the most respectable, professional, and honest brokers I have done business with in my 16 years of operation. I have worked with them from the beginning, and from day one, they have continued to raise the bar for what I expect from other brokers. I look forward to a lasting partnership for many years to come.”