RTS Prepares for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact

In the logistics industry, we are accustomed to navigating changes in the market due to weather and other conditions. In any situation, we always make safety the top priority for our customers, carriers, and employees. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is no exception to this. In response to the growing concern regarding the virus, we have already enacted measures to mitigate supply chain disruptions and to ensure that all individuals involved in the [...]

RTS Prepares for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact2020-03-06T16:58:53-05:00

How Can I Make Sure My Load is on Track?

How many times in your life have you wished you could be in two places at once? We’re willing to bet one of those times was when your shipment didn’t go as planned and you wished you could be there in person to resolve the issue. While we don’t have the secret to being in two places at once, we do utilize several effective third-party tracking solutions to make you [...]

How Can I Make Sure My Load is on Track?2020-07-09T09:44:09-04:00

How You Can Decrease Detention Time

What is detention? Detention is when a carrier is detained—hence the name “detention”—at a shipper’s or receiver’s while they are waiting to be loaded or unloaded. After a certain amount of time (usually after two hours), the carrier will request a detention fee for the delay. So obviously, it’s something you want to avoid in order to save money. How can you minimize the amount of detention in your supply [...]

How You Can Decrease Detention Time2020-07-09T09:44:20-04:00

The Process of Filing a Freight Claim

It’s everyone in the industry’s nightmare: the back of the truck opens, and product is squashed, tipped, or short. And yet, it’s a nightmare that can’t always be prevented (unlike those dreams you have of falling off the side of a cliff. Just don’t walk that close to the edge in real life). Freight damage happens, and when it does, you need to be prepared. You need to know how [...]

The Process of Filing a Freight Claim2020-07-09T09:44:27-04:00

Why Was I Billed for This?: Five of the Most Common Accessorial Charges

Have you ever noticed that adulthood is just a constant loop of you asking yourself, “Where did my money go?” No? Still, if you notice some extra charges on your freight invoice, you’re going to want to know why. An accessorial charge may be added to your bill for services that go beyond normal pickup and delivery. Here are five of the most common accessorial charges you might face. [...]

Why Was I Billed for This?: Five of the Most Common Accessorial Charges2020-07-09T09:50:25-04:00