CINCINNATI, OH, July 20th, 2020— Reliable Transportation Solutions (RTS), a 3PL based in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently launched a fully web-based version of rtMs, their proprietary supply chain management software.

RTS, unique in the industry for having their own software development team, has long been focused on finding innovative technological solutions for both their customers and carriers. The portal, which functions on all devices, enables customers to view the status of current shipments, offers quick access to historical data, and also includes “Request a Quote” and “Ship it Again” features while also allowing end-to-end shipment visibility through tracking powered by FourKites. In fact, in February, RTS became one of the first 3PLs in the country to partner with FourKites. CEO Lucas Brown described the company’s excitement regarding the new partnership: “Because we feel it is our responsibility to do our own due diligence, we had been using not only FourKites, but a few of their competitors, in search of the tracking platform best suited to meet the unique and dynamic needs of our customers. Our daily use of these platforms for over two years has demonstrated FourKites’ continual ability to meet and exceed our expectations through their innovation and practical application.”

Since becoming partners with FourKites, the two companies have worked closely together to provide value to their mutual customers. “Seeing RTS’s interest in providing leading technology solutions, we immediately thought they would be a great company to work with. Their commitment to high quality customer service complemented by forward-thinking technology helps us to improve our own products to better meet the needs of our customers,” said Kevin Taylor, Vice President of Carrier Operations at FourKites, when reflecting on the company’s ability to adapt to an ever-changing industry.

As evidenced by both their partnership with FourKites and their continued investment in their own proprietary software, RTS aims to improve the customer experience throughout the shipment process. “I have always thought that the theory of moving freight from point A to point B is the easy part—it is in the execution that distinguishes you from your competition, so we must bring value to our customers. In launching this web-based version of rtMs, we are able to instantly provide that value by offering increased transparency, visibility, and accessibility. Because we see this as a crucial part of the relationship, we’re excited to offer this at no charge to our customers,” explained Mr. Brown.

As well as the rtMs web-based portal, RTS also has available their own supply chain management software, rtMs Enterprise. rtMs Enterprise is a comprehensive, customizable software for managing transportation. For more information regarding rtMs Enterprise or the rtMs web-based portal, please reach out to us at

Reliable Transportation Solutions is a 3rd-party logistics company with locations in Cincinnati and Georgetown, Ohio. RTS arranges for the transportation of goods in the continental United States and Canada, and also offers asset-based trucking and leasing. In 2019, RTS managed over 35,000 shipments for customers around the world. For more information, visit

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