by Alana Gale

It’s important to tell your truck drivers that you appreciate them (that’s why we’ve been spotlighting a few of our great drivers this week), but as Ben Franklin once said (and as our very own Ben, the COO, often quotes), “Well done is better than well said.” So here are a couple of ways you can show your drivers that you appreciate them:

  1. Prioritize their safety. Asking someone to drive as a career is asking them to be vigilant for many hours each day, to play a direct role in the safety of the roads. That’s a big deal, so in turn we ask ourselves: what can we do on our end to protect them as much as possible while they’re on the job? Our sister company, RTS Lines, found the answer in their ten new tractors. Among the new features are several tools to protect the driver—like Bendix Wingman Advanced, which comes with automatic cruise control, collision mitigation technology, and full stability tech. Figure out the best way that you can give your drivers the safety they deserve.
  2. Make their rides comfortable. Is there anyone in existence who hasn’t been on a road trip as a kid and asked, “Are we there yet?” because they were bored or restless or hungry? And that was just a single five-hour trip to Grandma’s as a passenger. Imagine having to be constantly alert as the driver for long hauls multiple times per week! Everyone should be making sure that drivers are as comfortable as they can be. How can you ensure driver comfort? For one, you can make sure they have excellent seats (because that is where they spend most of their time!). The new RTS Lines fleet is decked out with upgraded captain’s chairs. You can also provide them with resources that show the best spots to park or eat in different locations, so they can find a convenient place to de-stress. Or maybe you offer them a state-of-the-art driver lounge.
  3. Train Them Well. Change is an inevitable part of our fast-moving industry. And that means even the best drivers might need helping learning about new technology or other developments. In those cases, you should offer guidance and welcome questions and feedback. Show your support as they adjust to the differences in equipment or protocol.
  4. Trust them. Perhaps the most important thing you can do to show your drivers that you appreciate them is to trust them. Obviously, trust should be earned. But once it is, it benefits everyone. You don’t have to fret every second that something will go wrong, and they will want to honor your trust by doing their job well. One of the reasons we at RTS have long-lasting relationships with our carriers is because we trust them as an integral part of the delivery process.
  5. Personalize your appreciation. Finally, add that thoughtful touch! If you personalize the way you thank your drivers, you’ll show that you were paying attention to them individually and value them specifically. Everybody loves to feel recognized! (On that note, be sure to check out the bios of some of the RTS Lines drivers on our social media platforms. It’s fun to get to know them better and see them getting some recognition!)


You might know that you appreciate your drivers, but these tips will help make sure they know, too.