This Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we want to focus on all the ways you truck drivers are like superheroes. You work day and night to ensure we have essential items, after all. But truck drivers are human just like all of us, and it’s important that you get enough sleep. Hopefully these tips will help you get a good night’s rest in your truck.

  1. Eat small meals before bed. If you eat a super heavy meal, it will take longer to digest and this could keep you awake.
  2. Block out all light. Get some curtains for your windows, a sunshade for your front dash, and if you still can’t block all of the outside light, try an eye mask. There are standard ones, cooling ones, and even ones that will play music and block out noise for you, too (if you can’t find a quiet spot to park).
  3. Have a routine. “Wait,” you say, “you do realize that this is trucking we work in?” It’s true that sometimes your schedule can be unpredictable, but if you establish the same activities to do immediately before you sleep, you’ll prime your body to be ready to doze off. This could include setting a time to stop using electronics (because blue light could keep disrupt sleep), reading from a book or magazine for a certain period of time, or listening to your favorite music or podcast.
  4. Establish a good temperature for your truck. For the winter months, consider getting a small heater or a heated mattress pad. And when you’re driving in warmer months, you can keep a fan handy. Being the right temperature at night could help improve the quality of your sleep.
  5. Communicate with your family and coworkers when you think your sleep schedule will be. As we mentioned before, the schedule of a truck driver isn’t your standard 9-5. If you need to get some sleep at an unusual time, let your dispatcher know. If they’re aware, they might be less likely to call and disturb you during your sleep. The same goes for any family and friends who frequently reach out to you.

Whatever helps you sleep better, make sure you’re prioritizing sleep to keep yourself healthy and to keep your risk of a drowsy driving accident down. Wishing you all a happy Truck Driver Appreciation Week!