1. Pilot Flying J. Our very own RTS Lines drivers use this app to find the best places to stop on the road. In addition to helping you locate the best Pilots and Flying J’s on your route, it also allows you to reserve showers and parking spots, cash in on exclusive food offers, and start fueling without leaving the truck. And in recognition of truck drivers, they’re offering free drinks every day in September directly from the app.
  2. Camscanner. Although this app doesn’t come with exciting deals on food, it is handy for the trucking life. Using this app to scan and send paperwork to your dispatcher or accounting team will save you time and keep you from getting in trouble for not turning in necessary documents right away.
  3. Weigh my Truck is another practical app that our Lines drivers use. With this app, you can get your truck weighed, pay via various methods, and email the scale ticket to multiple people, right from your phone. It seems like this is an app that’s helpful on a large scale!
  4. The Rolling Strong App. Staying healthy on the road presents its own challenges, as we wrote about last year for NTDAW in this article, so why not make use of a health app that actually recognizes what it’s like to be a driver? The Rolling Strong app allows you to connect with other drivers and roadside coaches to inspire you to be healthy, while also providing standard health app features like meal-, water-, and sleep-tracking. Plus, no matter where you are, the app can recommend fitness areas where you can stop!
  5. Fuelbook answers the question of “Where should I fill up my tank?” by helping compare fuel prices of truck stops around the country. Not only that, but the app is also updated daily, and even includes the ability to search for roadside assistance or repair shops.

In any industry, we’re always looking for ways to make the job more efficient. But especially in trucking, where there’s so much uncertainty in weather, traffic, and unfamiliar terrain, it can be nice to have some extra resources. Hopefully this list helps you get the most out of driving, and once again, thank you for all you do!