The Talent Acquisition team at RTS is consistently driving to provide our applicants and candidates a world-class recruitment and hiring experience.  Here’s an overview of what you can expect on your journey from applicant to associate.

Step 1: Application Process – 5 minutes

Yes, you heard that right….it takes about five minutes to apply for a job with us.  Go find the job you want to apply for online (we’re on as much social media as your 14-year-old sister, so that shouldn’t be a problem).  Click apply now, upload your resume, answer five quick questions and that’s it.  Our HR team will send you an email confirming the submission and you’re off and running!

One of our recruiters will look over your application (we review ALL of them) and you will be contacted via email should your skills be a match for the role.  Depending on the volume of applicants, you should expect to hear back from us within three business days (nope, I did not stutter).

Step 2: Phone Screen – Approximately 3-5 business days from your application

After your resume has been reviewed, one of our highly talented recruiters will set up a 20-30 minute phone call to discuss the role, the company and the industry.  It’s time for the “A” game to come out.   Ask questions, know the industry…be prepared!  This is a one-time shot.

Step 3: On-premise Interviews – 5-7 days after the phone screen

You knocked our socks off during the phone interview (like, knee-high baseball socks, not those little ankle socks that slide off regardless), so we’re gonna invite you in so you can really strut your stuff.  You’ll get the opportunity to meet with the hiring manager and another associate to take a really deep dive into the role.  We’ll show you our facilities, talk about your background and give you the chance to figure out if RTS is for you.  For certain administrative positions, you’ll be asked to take a short assessment during the on-site interview.   You should plan on being at our offices for at least an hour.

Step 4: Call back and job shadow – 3-5 days after the on-site interview

Rounding third and heading for home…  If you’re going after one of our highly coveted $ales positions we’ll set you up with a 45 minute job shadow with one of our top producing associates.  You’ll get the chance to validate everything we told you about the job during the interviews.  This portion of the program is more for you than it is us.  After the job shadow, you’ll meet with the hiring manager one last time, and that’s a wrap!  You should plan on being at our offices for an hour to an hour and a half on this day.

Step 5: Selection – Within a week of your final interview

We’re going to get together and talk behind your back for a bit (but that’s the last time we’ll do that—our work culture is well-known for its team atmosphere).  If you’re selected, you’ll get the call you’ve been waiting for from one of our recruiters.  After the call, check your email because we’ll have a shiny new offer letter waiting just for you.  Sign it electronically and your journey to success will have officially begun.  From there we’ll start the onboarding process (look for a new post on this process in the near future).