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Tourist Spots for Truckers to Visit in 2020 Without the Crowds

It’s a very difficult time to be an essential worker—which is why we have an even greater appreciation for truckers than ever before. But at least, if you’re going to have to be traveling across the country for your job anyway, you might as well see a few tourist spots while no one else can. Here are some great sights that’ll be minus the crowds this year! [...]

Tourist Spots for Truckers to Visit in 2020 Without the Crowds2021-02-16T11:19:38-05:00

Four Stretches to Do After the Long Haul

Although sitting behind the wheel all day does give you the opportunity to admire long stretches of stunning landscapes, it doesn’t really allow you to get in any stretches of your own. But being in the same position for extended periods of time can be bad for both your muscles and your posture, so it’s important that you stretch out after your long haul. Fortunately, trainer John Pimenidis of [...]

Four Stretches to Do After the Long Haul2021-02-16T11:19:50-05:00

Useful Apps and Resources for Truck Drivers

Pilot Flying J. Our very own RTS Lines drivers use this app to find the best places to stop on the road. In addition to helping you locate the best Pilots and Flying J’s on your route, it also allows you to reserve showers and parking spots, cash in on exclusive food offers, and start fueling without leaving the truck. And in recognition of truck drivers, they’re offering free drinks [...]

Useful Apps and Resources for Truck Drivers2021-02-16T11:19:59-05:00

How Shippers can Prepare for Fall and the PSL (Peak Season of Logistics)

The start of fall always makes us think of the PSL, and in this case, unlike most people out there, we’re not talking about a certain creamy coffee beverage. We’re talking about the peak season of logistics, which comes to us each year in conjunction with colorful leaves and sweatshirt weather. As fall approaches, we’re hit with the realization that Thanksgiving and Christmas are not all that far away. In [...]

How Shippers can Prepare for Fall and the PSL (Peak Season of Logistics)2021-02-16T11:20:10-05:00

RTS Announces New Web-Based Portal, rtMs

CINCINNATI, OH, July 20th, 2020— Reliable Transportation Solutions (RTS), a 3PL based in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently launched a fully web-based version of rtMs, their proprietary supply chain management software. RTS, unique in the industry for having their own software development team, has long been focused on finding innovative technological solutions for both their customers and carriers. The portal, which functions on all devices, enables customers to view the status of [...]

RTS Announces New Web-Based Portal, rtMs2021-02-16T11:20:19-05:00

What Truckers Want You to Know About Driving Near Them

That’s right—free advice on how you can stay safe on the road from the driving experts themselves! The internet is a bountiful place. No matter where you’ve driven, you’ve probably encountered a semi out on the road. Even before the rise of online shopping, truckers were out on the road ensuring that groceries and other valuable commodities got delivered safely to the stores. But despite the ubiquity of trucks, many [...]

What Truckers Want You to Know About Driving Near Them2021-02-16T11:21:12-05:00

Your Guide to Returning to the Office

Slowly but surely, offices in Ohio are becoming more populated again. If you feel like you were just getting the hang of working from home, yet another switch can be stressful. So here are some tips to make readjusting to office life easier. Get excited about seeing your colleagues again. Finally, the chance to interact with someone outside the confines of your house! Whatever else working from the office may [...]

Your Guide to Returning to the Office2021-02-16T11:21:18-05:00

The Best Parts of Doing a Paid Internship During Your College Years

As another batch of interns wraps up their time with us, we wanted to take some time to reflect on the best parts of doing an internship (taking out the trash didn’t make the list—who’s surprised?). You get to learn whether you want to work in that particular industry. Sometimes it’s easier to figure out what you don’t want than what you do. Doing an internship will give you the [...]

The Best Parts of Doing a Paid Internship During Your College Years2021-02-16T11:21:25-05:00

RTS Prepares for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact

In the logistics industry, we are accustomed to navigating changes in the market due to weather and other conditions. In any situation, we always make safety the top priority for our customers, carriers, and employees. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is no exception to this. In response to the growing concern regarding the virus, we have already enacted measures to mitigate supply chain disruptions and to ensure that all individuals involved in the [...]

RTS Prepares for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact2021-02-16T11:21:35-05:00